Product certification – General Information

The certification of products for physical protection against encroachments is performed by TECHNOTEST – Division “Assessment” (DA). The division is accredited by the Executive Agency “Bulgarian Accreditation Service” as a product certification body (PCB), according to the requirements of BDS EN ISO / IEC 17065. The body has an accreditation certificate reg. № 4 ОСП/ 24.10.2022, valid until 24.10.2026

Conformity assessment of products is performed by the PCB according to its own types of certification schemes, according to the requirements of basic documents (standards and technical specifications) specified in its flexible scope for certification.

The product certification body is completely independent and impartial and its activities are fully funded by TECHNOTEST JSC. The adopted and implemented policies on certification and impartiality are reflected in the declarations of the management and set in the Procedure “Impartiality Management”.

An Advisory Commission has been set up within the PCB. It, as a mechanism for maintaining impartiality, ensures equality and participation of representatives of all stakeholders in the process of policy development and principles related to the content and functioning of the certification system. The commission includes representatives of manufacturers, consumers and conformity assessment experts. The structure, functions and organization of the commission’s activities are specified in the “Rules of Procedure of the Advisory Committee”.

In the certification process, to determine the characteristics of the products in the scope, the PCB uses the test results of the laboratory at TECHNOTEST JSC and from external resources – laboratories with which it has concluded contracts.

At the same time, an assessment of the manufacturer is performed in order to determine the possibility for the same to regularly produce the evaluated product with characteristics determined during the certification process.

As a final result of the certification process, the PCB issues a certificate. The certificate is proof that the product is responsible for the relevant resistance class, according to the requirements of the basic documents specified in the scope of the body.

Depending on the type of scheme applied, in order to maintain the certificate during its period of validity, the PCB supervises the manufacturer and the product.

The issuance of a certificate and the subsequent supervision, which includes monitoring on the market, provide the highest guarantee for the quality of the manufactured product.

Certificates of Accreditation

Declarations of the Management Body

Procedure for Impartiality Management

Rules of Procedure of the Consultative Commission

Scope of certification and certification schemes


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