Product certification – Documents for the client

In accordance with the principles set out in BDS EN ISO/IEC 17065, the client (the applicant for the service) is responsible for fulfilment of the certification requirements. He/she should accept and always comply with the requirements set out in the schemes, procedures, certification rules and the contract concluded with him/her. Summary of these requirements is published in the ПК-01 Client Procedure.

Certification services are available to all eligible entities that fulfil the requirements, and the policy and documented procedures do not contain discriminatory terms for applicants for product certification.

The certification body will ensure objectivity and impartiality in the decision-making process and the protection of professional secrecy with regard to the activity of the client and that of the persons and bodies related to it.

The adopted certification system provides the right of every client to object to decisions made and to submit complaints about any problems of a subjective, legal or financial nature.

Each client can give his/her assessment and express an opinion about service provided to him/her by filling in and sending the Questionnaire or by an official letter.

Documents regulating the requirements published in electronic form are valid from the date of their entry into force specified therein. The implementation of any new version directly affecting the client’s activity is accompanied by a transitional period until its entry into force, which is specified at the end of each document.

When copied and/or printed by the client, these documents are considered as uncontrolled copies and the Product Control Body is not responsible for their update.

Every client has the right to request and receive – through direct meetings, by telephone or e-mail – additional information about the certification process.

Customer Procedure ПК-01

Request for certification

Request for an Additional Certificate

Questionnaire – General Customer Information

Draft Contract

Request for marking labels