As an accredited testing laboratory for transport research, TECHNOTEST JSC works in a sector requiring the maintaining of a team of highly qualified experts with engineering education and rich professional experience.

The company cooperates with the state departments that control the transport safety and participates in the transposition of the European norms into the Bulgarian legislation, which requires the members of the team to possess good organizational skills.

Additionally, TECHNOTEST JSC successfully develops a new direction unique for our country expanding its field of activity by conducting tests and certification of physical security devices. The positions in this area require job applicants to have specific knowledge.

The company performs functions delegated by state institutions but at the same time it seeks to provide the market with new activities that are relevant to the needs of customers. In this sense, the employees of TECHNOTEST should have high computer literacy and good communication skills.


At the present moment, TECHNOTEST JSC seeks socialists for the following vacant positions: MECHANICAL ENGINEERS; EXPERT-ASSESSOR. For more information you can download the info sheets below (BG), or contact us directly.

Mechanical Engineers



If you have engineering education and would like to learn about the possibilities to become part of the TECHNOTEST team, do not hesitate to send your data through the form on this page.

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