Eco-stickers ‘Green Zone’ – Europe

For more than fifteen years TECHNOTEST  ЙСЦ has been offering services on the Bulgarian market, proving the level of security, safety and reliability of products for physical protection against encroachments. By assessing their compliance with the requirements of standards and regulations, all stakeholders are guaranteed their level of protection.

The evaluated products for physical protection against encroachments cover two main groups:

– Warehouses for valuables: safes, safe-cabinets. ATM safes and bases, vaults and vaults, deposit systems) and
– Facade and interior elements of buildings: doors, windows, shutters, bars and protective glazing.

TECHNOTEST applies various schemes and procedures for assessing the conformity of physical protection products. Each procedure is developed depending on the evaluated products, the applied standards and normative acts and the interests of the interested parties. These countries may include, but are not limited to: manufacturers, suppliers, consumers, government regulators and control bodies, insurers, other conformity assessment bodies and other members of society.

TECHNOTEST has set itself the goal, by introducing the existing standards and good practices for their implementation in the European Union, to create conditions for the formation of consumer culture and public awareness of the requirements and criteria for the evaluation of physical protection products.