Tests – General Information

The Laboratory of the Testing Division performs tests for assessment of the security class of the following products:

  • Safes, ATM safes and bases, strongrooms, strongroom doors and deposit systems;
  • Doors, windows, shutters (blinds) and safety grilles;
  • Protection glass.

The most recent standardized methods stipulated by the European norms (EN) that are adopted as Bulgarian standards (BDS) are applied for the tests.

The laboratory prepares and provides the client with a test report on the obtained results.

The results of the conducted tests may be used by:

The Manufacturers:

  • For the initial development or improvement of their products – as a basis for making adjustments to meet the required or higher security class;
  • As a basis for issuing of declarations of conformity (performance) – for subsequent products manufactured by them;
  • For requesting product certification.

The Customers:

  • As a proof of the class of resistance against burglary of existing and used products.

For the provision of the service the customer should:

  • Submit a request (as per template) and, if necessary, conclude a test contract with TECHNOTEST JSC;
  • Deliver samples of the product directly to the laboratory, together with the required technical documentation. These samples should meet the requirements set forth in the cited standards;
  • After completion of the test, the client should take the used samples back from the laboratory (excluding samples of safety glass).

The laboratory strictly respects the confidentiality requirements concerning the protection of the business secrets of its clients. Access to the tests is limited to the team members and those who control their activities.

Representatives of the customer may attend and observe the tests after prior notification of the laboratory management of the names and positions of those persons. Their number may be limited by the laboratory.

Each customer may receive, through direct meetings, by telephone or e-mail, additional information and clarification on the order of performing the tests, applied standard methods and product requirements stipulated by the applicable standards.

Request the testing of a product