Information for consumers of certified products

Dear Consumers of products certified by us,

In order to be sure of compliance of your physical protection products with the standards, please consider the following:

  1. The assessment of products conformity carried out by the PCB (Assessment Division of TECHNOTEST) refers only to their class of resistance to burglary, fire or bullets. The assessment does not include other technical features.
  2. The certificates issued are related only to the specific types and product models specified therein. Any change in design and assembly beyond the allowances that has been made by the manufacturer or made at your request leads to the automatic revocation of the certificates.
  3. The certificates do not apply to a product:
  • that is not completed according to the documents;
  • that is not anchored / installed according to the requirements;
  • that has been changed without authorization.

When purchasing products certified by the PCB, it is necessary to:

  • Ensure that the mandatory marking labels/stickers are placed on safes, strongroom doors, deposit systems and safety glass (see Appendix 1);
  • Require the manufacturer/supplier to provide the necessary documents accompanying the certified product (copy of the certificate, together with the annexes and installation and operating instructions specified therein);
  • Check the validity of the certificate provided – the date is indicated in the document. The certificate number is also specified on the marking label of the strongroom. In case of doubt, check the information in the ‘Register of issued certificates’.
  • Ensure that the product in question is equipped with the relevant locks and fasteners specified in the documents.
  1. Installation of the products (if this is not done by the supplier) should be made using anchoring elements supplied with the product, in the manner prescribed by the manufacturer.
  2. In order to maintain the validity of the certificate, you should not alter and/or assign to unauthorized persons the making of alterations in the design and assembly of the product. If it is necessary to carry out repairs or changes, they should be carried out only by the manufacturer/supplier.

For more information or if you find any differences, please contact us using phone numbers and e-mail address given in the Contacts section.