Assessments – General Information

TECHNOTEST JSC performs assessment of the conformity of existing products for physical protection and evaluation of investment projects for repairs, reconstruction and construction of sites according to the requirements of the following main documents:

  • Ordinance No 8121з-444/2016 of the Ministry of Interior and the Bulgarian National Bank on the organization and control over the provision of security of banks and financial institutions;
  • Methodology for construction and evaluation of the means and systems for physical security of classified information adopted by the State Commission on Information Security with Protocol No 165-I / 30.06.2004, amended by Decision No 2-I/08.01.2009 and Decision No 55-I/21.07.2015;
  • European standards and guidelines in force.

Product evaluation is done in the order specified in the accepted procedures by comparing the results of the expertise with the existing database and the requirements specified in the documents. In the absence of sufficient information, control tests on samples will be carried out.

The results of the assessment are provided to the customers in the form of reports, proposals or expert conclusions.

When the products comply with the requirements specified in the main documents, TECHNOTEST JSC issues a document (certificate) of conformity.