Eco-stickers ‘Green Zone’ – Europe

In recent years, deepening problems with air pollution in the settlements have led to the entry into force of regulations on the harmful emissions of motor vehicles and their access to some parts of major cities in Europe.

Commonly established practice in dozens of cities in Austria, Germany and Denmark is the establishment of so-called Green Zones in and around major cities – where the air quality is the poorest.

Access to these zones is restricted for certain vehicles that do not meet the environmental requirements imposed by local authorities. The vehicles that meet the requirements may enter the Green Zone but only if they have a special Eco-Sticker on the windscreen. The regulations apply to vehicles with local and foreign registration plates – including Bulgarian!

The sticker proves the classification of the vehicle in one or another environmental category and helps to control the movement in the zones – it is of a specific shape and coloured in bright colour, which facilitates its recognition by the local authorities of the police and traffic police, as well as the control cameras for video surveillance of road traffic. The administrative penalties for non-compliance with the Green Zone rules in these three countries can reach thousands of Euros.

In all three countries where this practice has been imposed – Germany, Austria and Denmark, direct positive results in terms of air quality and pollution by dust particles have been obtained.

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